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We can help transform and improve your data and power your business

Data Washing & Validation

We can help improve the quality and value of property information and verify customer databases used throughout your business.

Property Data via API

Your business can benefit from an integrated property data solution that works best for your business and help improve company efficiencies.

Custom Data Solutions

Do you have a unique project requiring a custom solution? Contact APM PriceFinder to collaborate with our team and get the job done.

Add Property Data to your website

Get the latest property and suburb statistics on your website to increase traffic and enhance the value of your website with online widgets.

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From Banking, Large Enterprises, Government Departments to Real Estate Agents, Valuers and Developers to Property Investors, APM PriceFinder has a solution that suits all.

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Property data delivered where you need it

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Property Data to power your business

APM PriceFinder has information on every single property in Australia. Updated daily, APM PriceFinder collect data from hundreds of different data sources around the country including property ownership, phone numbers, property zoning, title information, over 30 years of sales history and real-time auction results collected every Saturday. APM PriceFinder has an extensive collection of property photos and on the market for sale and for rent history available. APM PriceFinder are licensed providers of Valuer General Sales data from each State Government in Australia. APM PriceFinder is part of the Domain Group which is one of Australia’s leading real estate portals in Australia.

Product Solutions

  • Data Washing & Validation
  • Power your website with Property Data
  • Developer API
  • Wide variety of Web Service options
  • Visualise your data with our mapping data solutions
  • Mobile & iOS data integration
  • Let our team help create a custom solution to meet your needs
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About Us

APM PriceFinder, part of the Domain Group is a subsidiary of Fairfax Media Limited [ASX:FXJ]. APM PriceFinder is one of the largest property information providers in Australia and the trusted source of property information for many leading banking institutions and property professionals across the country.

APM PriceFinder collect and manages data from a range of property based data and imagery sources, including Government agencies, industry professionals, mapping providers and many public and private databases across Australia. Our rich and diverse datasets allows us to create and develop innovative and smart solutions to meet our client’s property data needs.

Our Benefits

  • Every property in Australia covered
  • Leading provider of property intelligence, analytics & research for over 25 years
  • Australian owned company, providing national solutions in national markets
  • Market leader of property based innovation and technology
  • A dedicated team of industry know-how and experience
  • A part of Australia’s largest property group, a multi-platform business solution


“APM PriceFinder is our go-to resource for up to date market trends and property data. Captured through quick and easy reporting that includes fully branded comparative market analyses; this is our data solution for comprehensive market research and serves as a crucial element to gain business and achieve the best sales outcome for our clients.”

Place Newmarket

“We at Elders Real Estate Toowoomba are extremely happy with the service provided by APM PriceFinder. We find your site user friendly, informative, and up to date. Keep up the great work!”

Elders / Toowoomba

“Whole state access and multiple logins gives the agents freedom to search where they want when they want. Google Street View adds a new dimension to property photos!”

L.J. Hooker

“APM PriceFinder has certainly helped with increasing my listings. Great tool for listing at the right price. APM PriceFinder has been a blessing to my business. Would recommend to anyone.”

Richardson & Wrench